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One day One Feature : Color profile

31 January, 2006 4 comments

Last week, I have written about colorspace independence, and today I will introduce the sister feature : color profile. ICC Profiles are a standard that allow colors to be rendered the same way on your screen, than on your neighbourgh screen, on your printer and from your scanner. You can find more information on the site of the International Color Consortium. Krita uses lcms for managing the profiles. If you don’t have a profile for your devices, lprof can help you do build it.

Once you have your profiles, you will be interested in using the setting dialog of krita :

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And if you like krita, use it, or just want to make me happy, you can vote for krita here : 2005 Members Choice Awards.


One day One Feature : Brightness/Contrast filter

29 January, 2006 Leave a comment

While this is not realy a brand new feature, it has improve slightly in this version, now the brightness and contrast isn’t anymore adjust with a fixed level, but by using a curve. This give more control on what you are doing.

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One day One Feature : new layers box and group layer

28 January, 2006 1 comment

Today, I will present the new layers box. Now, in krita, you get a preview of the layer, and you can group them which is quiete usefull for hiding, moving, scaling… When the mouse stay over a layer, you get a larger preview, and some basic informations (colorspace, profile…).

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One day One Feature : histogram

27 January, 2006 Leave a comment

While we won’t start a revolution with histograms, it still a must-have 🙂

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One day One Feature : OpenGL canvas

25 January, 2006 Leave a comment

This feature has no direct visible effect, but it can improve speed of krita. If you have a 3D-capable card with a good driver (which is not my case 😦 ), you will be able to select in the setting of krita to activate support for OpenGL. This mean that the drawing on screen of the layer would be manage by your hardware relieving the CPU.

One day One Feature : noise reduction

24 January, 2006 Leave a comment

Krita is also about helping you to improve the quality of your photos. The first things I notice, when I got my numeric camera, was that pictures could be some times very noisy. So I wanted to improve it, and I have implemented two filters in Krita for that purpose : “Simple Noise Reduction” and “Wavelet Noise Reduction”. The first one detects if a pixel is very different from the neighbourghood and if it is, it will replace the pixel by convolving the neighbourhood, the resulting effect is that the image looks a little bit blur. In most case the wavelet noise reducer will give better results, the “Simple noise reducer” should be use, if the noise appears as small peaks on the picture.

The results of both filters can be seen on the following screenshot :

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One day One Feature : full colorspace independence

23 January, 2006 5 comments


As I have promised a few days ago, from the tagging of the beta of Koffice/Krita until the release I will speak about one feature each day. As the tagging as been made today, I will write about a feature.

The first feature I will speak is full colorspace independance, Krita is the first open source application to achieve that goal, Krita is able to paint and manipulate images in RGB (8bit, 16bit and 32bit), LAB (16bit), Grayscale (8bit and 16bit) and CMYK (8bit and 16bit).

The screenshot bellow shows an image using four layes, with one of the four available colorspaces :

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If you try Krita SVN (and when you will try beta), you may (or will) notice two others colorspaces : Watercolors and LMS Cone Space. While LMS is a “real” colorspace, it is of no real use for painting, but some filters that will be ship after the release will use it. And watercolors will be the subject of an other entry.