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One day One Feature : full colorspace independence


As I have promised a few days ago, from the tagging of the beta of Koffice/Krita until the release I will speak about one feature each day. As the tagging as been made today, I will write about a feature.

The first feature I will speak is full colorspace independance, Krita is the first open source application to achieve that goal, Krita is able to paint and manipulate images in RGB (8bit, 16bit and 32bit), LAB (16bit), Grayscale (8bit and 16bit) and CMYK (8bit and 16bit).

The screenshot bellow shows an image using four layes, with one of the four available colorspaces :

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

If you try Krita SVN (and when you will try beta), you may (or will) notice two others colorspaces : Watercolors and LMS Cone Space. While LMS is a “real” colorspace, it is of no real use for painting, but some filters that will be ship after the release will use it. And watercolors will be the subject of an other entry.

  1. cartman
    23 January, 2006 at 23:52

    Looks promising, keep up the good work guys!

  2. Josep
    24 January, 2006 at 09:25

    From what I see on this screenshot there is no CMYK color-picker. I am wrong?

  3. Olaf Jan Schmidt
    24 January, 2006 at 11:51

    I found a very interesting article about using the lαβ colour space for applying the colour characteristics of one image to another. Is something likle that implemented in Krita, or planned?http://www.cs.sunysb.edu/~ash/transfer.pdf

  4. Cyrille Berger
    24 January, 2006 at 13:11

    To joseph: no there is no CMYK color-picker yet, one is planned but it will be for the next versionTo olaf: it is plan, I have started to work on it, and I hope to be able to release this filter as an external plugins after the release

  5. Olaf Jan Schmidt
    24 January, 2006 at 13:28


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