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One day one feature : select color range

20 February, 2006 Leave a comment

If you want to select apart of an image in function of a color characteristic you can use Color Range in the select menu, and you can choose in the following list of : reds, greens, yellows, cyans, blues, magentas, higlights, midtones, shadows and out of gamut.

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It might be usefull, for instance, if you want to adjust the brightness of the shadows of your image, without touching to its bright part.


One day one feature : improve TIFF writting/reading and PNG/JPEG export option

15 February, 2006 3 comments

One of the most important features of 1.4 (for me at least 🙂 ) was missing was export options for png/jpeg, I am even surprise that there was no wishlist items for that in So for 1.5, it is fixed, and we now have export options for JPEG, PNG and TIFF. The three most important raster graphics files formats out there.

Here is the option dialog for PNG :

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Here is the option dialog for JPEG :

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Here is the option dialog for TIFF :

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The new TIFF filter even add a lot more features, as it is able for instance to load various bit depth files, from 1bit to 64bit (it can probably handles more, but it hasn’t been tested).

The other files formats are still handled by the old ImageMagick based import/export filter. And we had two major requests concerning image import/export, it was : improving support for PSD (the photoshop file format) and for the Gimp file format. As for PSD, specifications are only available up to the version 6.0, and ImageMagick allready support that, and for the Gimp, their file format isn’t standardised which makes it very difficult to support it correctly.

One day one feature : raindrops

11 February, 2006 2 comments

If you live in a very often sunny place, like in the middle of the Sahara, it’s very likely that you don’t know what the rain is. But here, in the Paris, rains is something very common, or at least, we have gray clouds very very often. So, sometimes, you may want to add a little effect of rain drops on a window.

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One day one feature : color adjustement

10 February, 2006 2 comments

Like brightness/contrast, the color adjustement filter is taking advantage to the new curve widget of krita, allowing finer adjustement to each color. For the following image, I have used the filter to reproduce the color of an old picture.

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Note, that applying the oposite curve allow to restore the original color :

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What can I do with krita ? Colorier une bande dessinée !

8 February, 2006 2 comments

Last weak I have started a comic strip in krita, I had just made the final version of the drawing:

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Today, I will finish the strip and add colors to it.

Coloring the left arm

The hardest part is to find the good color for the skin, a little help from google image should do the trick. Then I need to color the sleeve, but if I do it directly with the fill tool, I will fill the whole image in white, I need to find all the leaks and block them with brush. And I want the bottom of the sleeve to be darker to simulate a shadow, I will use an other layer for that, this will allow me to precisely adjust the effect. And to finalize the color, I will use the filter tool with the gaussian blur effect, around the border of the color zone.

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Coloring the aquarium

The aquarium is a group layer with two parts, one for the bowl, and one for the fish. The fish will be paint in red, while the clown fish is more beautifull, a red fish is easier to draw ;). And for the bowl, we will use two extra layer, one for the color and one for the shadow, to be able to easily adjust opacity.

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Coloring the guy

Now it’s up to color the guy, and I will start by once again blocking the leaks.

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The background

This time for the window I won’t use an other layer to adjust the transparency, as replacing the color with a new one will be pretty easy with the fill tool.

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The building and the landscape

And we will finish by the landscape.

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Final results

Here is the final results of the work:

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And it’s promised, I won’t annoy you again with bande dessinée, well, I will annoy again but for the next release 😉

One day One Feature : Cubism

8 February, 2006 Leave a comment

One other filter for today: the cubism special effect.

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One day One Feature : Sobel filter

5 February, 2006 2 comments

One nice little filter, a sobel edge detector, I am still wondering what use it can be on it’s own, but I like the result, I found it nice 🙂

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