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Perspective grid

Today, I finished a new feature for krita, a perspective grid. If you wonder what it is, you can either skip the text and look at the screenshot, or read it: it’s a grid for which all “parallel” lines intersect on a vanishing point. It’s a very important feature when you are drawing buildings, because if you want to have a realistic picture, you have to be able to correctly draw parallel lines.

First, you need to use a special tool, to create your grid:

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As you may have noticed, the grid is divided in several parts. On the following screenshot, you can see how the grid is display, it’s still not perfect, because the subdivision are not representing correctly the vanishing:

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And finally, an example of drawing using the grid as a guide:

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It’s a unfinished picture, but it demonstrates this feature in a real usuage.

Now, that is finished, I can work on having painting operation using the grid for cool perspective drawing.