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KOffice 1.6 Release Candidat 1

27 September, 2006 Leave a comment

After three weeks of bug smashing, and of polishing, KOffice 1.6 is ready for its first (and hopefully only) Release Candidate. Including a lot of bugs fixes since beta. As it is the last planned release before the final version, we will need a lot of people to start using it for real work.


On the road to Krita2

21 September, 2006 Leave a comment

While everyone seems to be packing and preparing for the Akademy, now that KOffice 1.6 is at the last stage of release, I started yesterday to forward port my changes from 1.6 to trunk.

My first impressions weren’t so good. A lot of cosmetic changes, a lot of new stuff to relearn. But after a while, you get used to them, and most of them makes a lot of sense, even more sense than what was before in Qt3/KDE3.

fewer bugs and new icons

19 September, 2006 4 comments

Fewer bugs

While I have been away in Fermo (a nice Italian city) last week to attend a summer school for my PhD, I was somehow expecting a flood of bug reports against krita 1.6 Beta1, but I got disappointed, or should I say: I got a pleasant surprise, there was very few bug reports, I can see two possibilities, either no one tested it or there was a very few number of visible bugs. Somehow, I tend to think that it is the second solution, mostly because krita’s internal architecture hasn’t changed much between 1.5 and 1.6 which means that there was less possibilities to add bugs in core functions. On the other, I tend to think that unfortunately, very few people test beta version, and that a lot of issues will be discovered after the release of 1.6.0.

New icons

If you look at the krita tool bar on the image bellow, you will notice the lack of uniformity of our icons, and how the interface really looks bad because of it:

A few weeks ago, an artist, Ronan Zeegers offered us to create a complete set of icons to replace what we had until now:

The result is really awesome, I really love those new icons and the look krita has now due to them.

While it brings uniformity to the interface, unfortunately it is not themable yet, but I think that those black and white icons won’t cause any visual trouble with other icon themes than crystal. And hopefully for Krita2/KDE4, all those icons (or other ones, but specialized for krita) will be moved to the Oxygen theme, and we won’t need anymore to maintain our own custom icons.

Release of KOffice 1.6 Beta 1

9 September, 2006 Leave a comment

The first beta of KOffice 1.6 is now released, you are all invited to test it, and to report any problem you might find when using it. You can find more information on the KOffice website.

Pick, random and wave

9 September, 2006 Leave a comment

Today is about three new filters in Krita 1.6 : random pick, random noise and wave. In this image, I wanted to show a problem of reception of the TV image, the image is noisy and wavy. The random pick was used just because it gives a cool touch to the image.

Actually, this image make use of two other features, the adjustement layers, which were allready available in 1.5, but which have made amazing progress toward beeing actually usuable. And also a newly introduced feature, layer masks.

Perspective transform

5 September, 2006 Leave a comment

It seems that most of my work lately on krita has been put into perspective stuff, remember the perspective grid and the perspective duplicate tool. And today, I have finish fixing the interaction with the perspective tool.

When I first wrote it at the beginning of August, I simply imitated the tool from some other graphical application. But the more I though about it, the more I felt something was wrong with it. And I remembered the main use case of that tool, you have a wall, or a stained glass window, or any other kind of plan, which is distorted, and you want it to appears like a rectangle. That’s why, now when you select the tool, it offers you to create a parallelogram that you want to correct to a rectangle, as shown on the video bellow:

original imageoriginal

video of the deformationvideo

final image final

For those who wondered, and have noticed that on each video I have some times an hard time to select the handles, it’s not a krita misbehavior, it only happens when xvidcap is eating all the cpu to create the video 😉

Duplicate with perspective correction in action

4 September, 2006 Leave a comment

One of the new feature of krita in 1.6, is the addition of an option to the duplicate tool to correct the perspective. This is useful, for instance, to hide an obstruction on a wall. Or if you want a perfectly good looking obelisk like in the following video (size: 3.0 MB, length: 1:01):

video of the perspective duplicate in action

In the video, the bottom of the obelisk has been damaged, I want to fix that, so first I need to create a perspective grid fitting the plan of the front of the obelisk and I create a selection to avoid duplicating outside of the front of the obelisk. Then I can select the duplicate tool, and activate the perspective transformation. And during the remaining of the video, I duplicate an undamaged zone of the obelisk, on the bottom.