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fewer bugs and new icons

Fewer bugs

While I have been away in Fermo (a nice Italian city) last week to attend a summer school for my PhD, I was somehow expecting a flood of bug reports against krita 1.6 Beta1, but I got disappointed, or should I say: I got a pleasant surprise, there was very few bug reports, I can see two possibilities, either no one tested it or there was a very few number of visible bugs. Somehow, I tend to think that it is the second solution, mostly because krita’s internal architecture hasn’t changed much between 1.5 and 1.6 which means that there was less possibilities to add bugs in core functions. On the other, I tend to think that unfortunately, very few people test beta version, and that a lot of issues will be discovered after the release of 1.6.0.

New icons

If you look at the krita tool bar on the image bellow, you will notice the lack of uniformity of our icons, and how the interface really looks bad because of it:

A few weeks ago, an artist, Ronan Zeegers offered us to create a complete set of icons to replace what we had until now:

The result is really awesome, I really love those new icons and the look krita has now due to them.

While it brings uniformity to the interface, unfortunately it is not themable yet, but I think that those black and white icons won’t cause any visual trouble with other icon themes than crystal. And hopefully for Krita2/KDE4, all those icons (or other ones, but specialized for krita) will be moved to the Oxygen theme, and we won’t need anymore to maintain our own custom icons.

  1. Sashmit Bhaduri
    19 September, 2006 at 21:46

    I really like the new icons, although they could use a little more color.I think the ugly bevels in the color palette (right under the tab text “HSV”) could go, and maybe a black (anti-aliased) border around the color circle.

  2. Daniel "Suslik" D.
    20 September, 2006 at 04:58

    Awesome icons! What a treat!The composition is quite thought out and many icons (bucket, filters) are instantly recognizable. Yeah, that’s the other thing – they look a lot more like those used in Photoshop – I feel so at home.My only concern – gray usually means “disabled”. One can certainly get used to that, but in contrast to the rest of icons, they do look “disabled”. Little touches of color sprinkled around would really help in that department.

  3. Ronan
    20 September, 2006 at 12:18

    If krita becomes themable, I will make a colored/funnier alternative for casual users.But pro should only use grey icons (like the one of photoshop). Colored icons interact with the color of the edited image. And this is a baaad! 🙂@Sashmit BhaduriI totaly agree with you about the bevel and the color circle stuff!

  4. Alexandre
    21 September, 2006 at 13:45

    Cyrille, I recently < HREF="http://prokoudine.info/blog/?p=39" REL="nofollow">tried opening several large PNG files<> and from all of tools (latest released beta of Krita as well) available only VIPS/nip2 worked for me. Would be great, if Krita could be improved in that relation.

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