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Kalculus 0.5

At the end of last week, I have released version 0.5 of Kalculus, my front-end to some mathematical tools.

The new version includes quiet a lot of improvements, notably support for octave and gsl (through the ruby binding), an help browser and the possibility to add comment in the calculation sheet.

For those interesting, you can download it from here.

  1. Christophe
    28 May, 2007 at 17:41

    Sad… :-/We can’t see the screenshots of kalculus on < HREF="http://cyrille.diwi.org/cberger.net/Programs/Kalculus/Screenshots.html" REL="nofollow">this page<>The project seems interesting !

  2. Troy Unrau
    28 May, 2007 at 18:38

    This is a very interesting project indeed, as it would reduce my dependence on non-free software such as Maple or Mathimatica. The one suggestion I have is to check out kmplot’s plotting routines, and find some way to use it within the program.

  3. Ian
    28 May, 2007 at 19:11

    I remember when I first started using linux 7 years ago when I was in 10th grade, one of my first thoughts was why there wasn’t something like my graphic calculator on the computer. (Not that Windows had this either, but it occurred to me since Linux had so much other stuff.) Later I found Maxima, which essentially is that. But it has a pretty annoying interface. So then my thought was… why isn’t there a KDE interface? 🙂Good to see some work done in this regard. And glad to see you use Amarok. 😛Ian

  4. Edulix
    28 May, 2007 at 21:04

    Do you know the project qtoctave? You might try to join forces =)

  5. Cyrille Berger
    28 May, 2007 at 22:04

    @christophe, ah outch 😦 thanks, I guess that’s what you earn when you use in developement software on a production website@troy: yes that’s exactly my problem, when I am in my lab I have access with matlab (sometimes, very few licences are avilable) and to maple. But when I am wandering or at home, I don’t have access to those and needs a replacement.@ian: in fact I use more a mp3 player, and I use amarok only when I am too lazy to plug it to the speaker or when the battery are out of power and that I am too lazy to recharge it. But there are some features of amarok I miss on my mp3 player 😀@edulix: ah no, all the other similar stuff I had see looked dead. This one didn’t appeared in my search I guess 🙂 A few reasons why joining force won’t work, qtoctave is written in C++, and (currently) kalculus is in ruby, originally I started the project (I think the first time was two years ago, but neither of my earlier attempts were left in a finish state and relased) as C++ as well, but I really found that it required a lot of time and energy to do a simple UI around such a thing in C++, and it’s really much more easier and faster in ruby. The second reason is that QtOctave looks tied to.. octave, and I am more interested in yacas but from time to time I need also octave, and using the same UI is really nice, hence the multiengine aspect.

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