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Early in Glasgow

So I arrived today in Glasgow, a little bit in advance for the Akademy, but there was two reasons for that, a less expensive ticket and that leave me sometime to visit the city. So here is a first glance:

Ok I am a bit unfair, but that factory stroked me the first time I saw it, I was looking at a nice view, some trees in the background, a brick house in the foreground, and then I walked further, and among the trees there was that factory. And somehow I like that picture, and it’s possibly a good summary of Glasgow, a mix of traditionalism and industrialism.

But to be fair, the city center, or at least what I have seen today, looks more like this:

That’s the city hall, and around it, you can see a lot of similarly looking building. And one last picture, a view from the Euro Youth Hostel where the most of us will be sleeping, and with an extra bonus the only ray of sun I got during the day:

And unfortunately looking at the weather forecast, it’s going to be rainy ! And good travel to you !

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