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Dither in Krita-Plugins

From time to time, there is someone who comes on KOffice channels asking whether it is possible to do something that for a long time we considered to be completely useless in the 21th century : reducing the number of colors of an image. But in fact, there are still a couple of use case. And after some time, I thought it could be fun, especially the palette creation phase, as I got the bright idea to use a genetic algorithm, that’s how you make a 20th century feature, a fun feature to write.

Bellow is the result of the image with an “optimized” palette:

To be strictly honest, I don’t really see much of a difference with a palette created using the most frequent colors of the image.

And because it is totally useless, but yet it was the easiest way to create a palette and do early test of the filter, there is a random generator for the palette:

And as my process to release krita-plugins, and creates packages, is now very smooth and fast, you can find the code and OpenSuSE and KUbuntu packages at www.krita-plugins.org.

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