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Last week in KOffice

30 May, 2008 5 comments

This week has seen the start of the google summer of code projects, among them I have noticed activity around the import filters for .doc files and for importing .kpr (the old kpresenter file format) or web forms for Kexi. And also work on the calligraphie tool for karbon:

You might also have noticed Torsten Rahn blog entry on a marble shape for KOffice, this is the first exemple of a shape developed outside KOffice which show the road for a future full of extensions, this also demonstrates how well KDE technologies can play together. And speaking of playing, KPresenter got support for playing sounds through phonon.


Last week in KOffice…

I am going to try to held a (more or less, rather less than more) weekly short blog entry about what’s going on in koffice development.

So last week (and in fact it cover for more since I already have missed one week since deciding to write this…) :

  • website: koffice website has always been suboptimal, to say the least, being maintained by developers who lack the skill and the time, it has never been able to properly market the suite. This was a recurrent topic of discussion among us, and it looks like we have found someone willing to take the lead on the subject, so expect more in the following weeks.
  • kword: while a lot of work has been done recently on the text shape (which is share through all koffice), until recently, kword itself had seen little changes, but Sebastian and Pierre have pick up the challenge of bring kword to a releasable state
  • windows package: the other nice things is the availability of KOffice packages in the KDE Windows installer (on a side note, KOffice packages have been available for Mac OSX for quiet some time, even if they are a little bit outdated)

Libre Graphics Meeting 2008 : Day 3

11 May, 2008 1 comment

For the third day of Libre Graphics Meeting 2008, there were two presentations from people coming from KDE: Emanuele about colors, and Gilles about Digikam.

This picture was taken near the conference center, when we tried to go to a Japanese garden.

That day started by a presentation about the distribution fonts along with HTML page, which triggered a discussion about fonts licensing, and license in general, where some people became very aggressive over the subject, that’s why I think license and politics really needs to be moved out of free software, people are nice unless licenses are discussed. Then Peter Sikking discussed how to change the Gimp UI to improve its usability, there are some nice ideas on how to minimize the space lost by dockers, toolbars and toolboxes. Then Andy Fitzsimon made a demonstration of the new stuff in Inkscape like path effect where you can apply a shape to a path.

Then the afternoon started by a talk by Emanuele about the mathematics behind the new colors mixer in Krita (where “blue” + “yellow” gives “green” and not “purple”), while I have followed what he has been doing since I more or less maintain PigmentCMS (the Color Manipulation System in KOffice), it was quite nice to see the reason behind his design decision, and how the whole things work. Then it was the turn of Gilles presentation on Digikam, the two new features he presented that I found most interressing was the light table to be able to compare side by side two pictures in order to compare them, and I also found interesting the integration of geolocalisation.

Then Liam Quin from W3C made a talk to start a proposal about copy/paste of text between Free Software applications, and exchange formating information. Then there was a presentation about node editing using Blender to do photographic retouch. I had to miss the talk about InGimp because my head was starting to explode, it’s infortunate since it’s an interesting project about collecting information on how an user work with the Gimp.

Libre Graphics Meeting 2008 : Day 2

Yesterday was the second day of the meeting, Emanuele has finally arrived and made his final preparation for its talk which is going to happen later today. I aslo finally met Gilles Caullier of Digikam.

We all meet in that nice building of the Technological University of Wroclaw:

Yesterday starded with a talk from Boudewijn about the reason that drive him to work on Krita, so it was mostly an overview of what has been happening in the Academic and Commercial world around digital simulation of painting. Then Pablo did a demo of what you can do with Hugin, panorama and also image calibration to feed the lensfun database, which is cool project whose intention is to allow to easily find the distortion correction parameters for lenses, instead of spending time playing with the parameters.

In the afternoon, we had an interesting talk on how “coders” and “designers” interact, and the problem and solution you can use to make both worlds work together. Then there was a demo of Scribus. And the day finished with an OpenICC meeting to discuss what has been done, what needs to be done, and what we are currently doing at OpenICC, to bring more color management on the linux desktop.

Libre Graphics Meeting 2008 : Day 1

I arrived in Poland two days ago for the Libre Graphics Meeting 2008. It’s an interesting conference where developers and users of graphics applications open source application meet and discuss.

The afternoon before the start of the conference, I had some time to do a little tour of the city:

The first talk on the first day was about Hugin, the panorama creation tool. Then there was one about Phatch, it’s a batch processing tools which is very similar to Workflow, except that Phatch is dedicated to image manipulation, and was released.

Then the afternoon started by a talk by some Bruxelles designers who use open source software to do their job. Then there was a presentation about Font and Free Software: the tool to create fonts and how the best way to propagate your work.

Then there was the yearly gegl presentation which was much more technical than previous years, and concentrating on some internal of gegl, it’s quiet interesting to see how different and similar are the core of Krita and gegl (the future core of the Gimp). Then I went to a presentation on the upcoming SVG 1.2, and new cool features like movies as background of a text.