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Darkroom 1.1

Since I got postitive feedbacks about Darkroom, and my interest for RAW images has pick-up while playing with my camera. My interest for developing further Darkroom has considerabely increase. And I guess it’s an other example of how much good technologies like Qt and kdelibs allow to easily build up new GUI applications, in a very limited time. For instance, in this new release, everything is multithreaded, using the threadweaver library, which manages queues and threads for me (the only thing it could do better might be status reporting, or I need to figure out how we can get usefull status information). Now Darkroom also comes with a file view, instead of just allowing to go from one image to the next one in a directory, and you can apply the current settings to a bunch of images and then go take a cup of coffee (or two if you have a lot of images to process). And last but not least, you can adjust exposure, and it get some basic color management facilities.

You can get it from my website.

  1. Teudimundo
    28 July, 2008 at 07:56

    I’m very curious to know how it will develop.. having a raw converter bundled with Krita would be great.At the moment I’m using digikam and I am very curious about RawTherapee as well. I hope if you continue your work on Darkroom you could pick some idea from those projects.

  2. n8gray
    22 August, 2008 at 20:25

    Nice work! You should consider integrating with LensFun for doing lens corrections before raw conversion.

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