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When can we release KOffice ?

I have seen some concern about 2.0 from users perspective that can be easily sweeped off. For instance, the minor issue of KOffice saving hability came up on the dot recently, or some reviewers did not so long ago comments on the unstability of the beta (didn’t we tell that we toyed with KWord for an hour and half at the meeting before getting a crash ?). So basically, KOffice 2.0 is going to be released when it’s ready(tm). So that lets to define when it is ready, missing features doesn’t come into the equation, sure not having table support is a sad thing, since a lot of people are missing that, but writting proper table support isn’t an easy task and will require a lot of work, in the mean time a lot of other people will enjoy KWord without tables support but a good style manager.
So here are our two priority, when all of those issues are solved, KOffice 2.0 will be officialy out:

  • Crashes are release critical, stability is important, a feature that doesn’t work well is surely annoying, but a feature that crashes the applications is a bad thing
  • Data loss are release blocker, which basically means that if we know about a data loss in the native formats (aka ODF or .kra), then we won’t release, which means that as long as the saving issue in KOffice isn’t solved, you won’t see a stable 2.0

While this is our priority, this doesn’t prevent us to work on also improving usability, and fixing other kind of bugs.

  1. SaroEngels
    13 November, 2008 at 23:53

    I think that is the best summary of the discussions last weekend. What most people always underestimate is the amount of work that is needed for such a big project as koffice.

  2. Mikko Tuomitalo
    14 November, 2008 at 13:04

    Playing 1½h to get application from Koffice crash is good.But it is better to release when it is ready 😀

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