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Missing an application to gather notes and ideas in KDE4, and willing to play with koffice’s flake library, I have decided to start a new application called braindump which is a tool to dump the content of your brain (ideas, bookmarks, images…) to your computer.

For those who wonder why I did, apparently, start from scratch instead of helping with the port of a similar tool (like basket), the main two reasons is that I wanted to write a non-koffice based application to test the limit of the use of flake outside the koffice document based world, and the second reason is that I think that flake is the right technologie to do it:

  • it gives for free a lot of shapes (texts, images, music, chart… other still in developement such as formula, marble… or in planning: video)
  • if I miss a shape (such as a todo/progress), writting it is rather easy and makes it available for reuse
  • it also gives quick access to ODF capabilities (for copy/paste, and importing/exporting information)
  • and currently someone is adding change tracking (for history, and collaborative editing) to flake which should allow braindump to allow collaborative editing of sections.

The main application is 2300 lines of code, I expect that the size will double in order to connect all the missing bits of the UI. But then everything else will be in shared libraries.

Being in a playfull mood I also implemented a web shape for flake, making possible to insert web pages in koffice documents and in braindump:

The source code is hosted in the Braindump repository. You will need KOffice from trunk to be able to build. It’s already somewhat usuable, and I am hopping that the first stable release can happen with KOffice 2.1 in October.