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Color selectors in Krita 2.0

27 January, 2008 3 comments

Color selection is at the heart of painting, but it seems there isn’t a true and unique answer for all users. Some will feel more confortable with a wheel and triangle, some with the rectangle, some with editing the value or use a painterly color mixer (not visible on the screenshot).

So we now offer a full set of dockers for your pleasure:

But one thing we know is that there should be only one docker visible by default, and it needs to be small but yet powerful enough to select your color, that’s what the “small color selector” is intended for.


Actions recording in Krita

11 January, 2008 2 comments

Sorry to disappoint you, but you won’t see the now famous “KDE 4.0” banner on this blog entry ! That said congrats to the KDE developers for the release.

Back to the point, since a while I have been thinking about automation in Krita. In facts we are often told that Krita doesn’t make it easy to redo the same action twice. I have added quiet a while ago the possibility to save a filter configuration, but I wanted to go even further, and be able to record every actions made by the user. And to replay them.

Unfortunately it’s still a long road before all actions are correctly recorded. But two of the main most important actions are now recorded : painting (only freehand but the hardest part was made, other drawing tool should be easily done now) and filtering.

And as in graphics, an image is better than words, and that multiple images is even better than a single image, what would you say to see a video in action:

Actions recording has a lot of applications, ranging from “live” tutorials, to automation, and debugging (how many times have you seen a bug report entry where someone describes a crash but do not remember what he (or she) did to get to that crash, just imagine if you have the list of actions (it might not help, but it might)), automatic testing or even collaborative editing of an image.