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Artistic Text Shape

Among the cool new feature of Karbon 2.0, there is the Artistic Text Shape. It’s a single line text (unlike it’s sister, the text shape), which can be associated with a curve to do crazy things, or with a gradient:

Since it’s not a highly discoverable feature of Karbon, I wrote a small tutorial to demonstrate the feature: Tutorial on Artistic Text Shape.

With Anne’s tutorial on layout in KWord, this is our second tutorial for KOffice 2.0, but we need more of them, and we are looking for help in that area, since userbase is a wiki, go there, register, and start writting something, if you need advise, contact us on the forum.


Karbon 2.0

12 April, 2009 5 comments

Of all the application of KOffice 2.0, the one most ready is trully Karbon. It’s also the one for which the progress since 1.6 is trully the most visible, and in 2.0, karbon is mostly a path editor (which is no doubt the central feature of a vector graphics application), and it’s already working quiet well, definitively worth a try.

For a few monthes, I have already been using it, when I have to produce figures for my phd. And while I usually feel more confortable drawing with a pixel application (in other word Krita), I decided to make something more artistic with karbon, here is the result: